“May the beauty of your soul, be illuminated in all that you do”


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La'akea (lah•ah•kay-ah) in Hawaiian means "Sacred light, sacred things of the day, as sunshine, knowledge and happiness"- Pukui.

La’akea Event Designs, LLC was started in the Summer of 2004.  Through hardwork, sweat, tears, unleashed dreaming and following our passion, we transformed and blossomed over the years to utilize all of our talents and creativity to speak straight to people’s hearts.

La’akea Event Designs’ photography captures the heart of the moment. Whether it be walking through nature, traveling, or on a photo shoot - LED strives to capture moments & emotions that are easy for the heart to see but are not always visible to the naked eye. Some of those moments are included in our “photography” folder within this website. For those individuals who are interested in setting up a photo session, please contact us for pricing and availability. 

It is our hope that the things created, or memories captured by La'akea Event Designs, LLC, will lift people's spirits and illuminate their hearts.  Please explore and enjoy your journey through our site - mahalo (thank you) & we look forward to connecting with you.


“the ultimate truth of who you are is not i am this or i am that, but I AM”    

                        - eckhart tolle

laʻakea (event designs, llc)

he waiwai nui ka lokahi - Unity is a precious possession - Hawaiian olelo noeau-